Karim Ghidinelli

Karim Ghidinelli was born in Brescia, Italy. After growing up traveling throughout Europe and Africa often, Karim moved to London, England in 1995 to attend the Chelsea College of Art and Design. In Savannah, Georgia he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in painting. Karim has since moved to Miami and now lives and works in upstate New York.

Karim’s work is based upon passage, mark, and assurance. Identity is naturally a part of the evolutionary process of the passage; the mark is embodied by his distinctive trace on the page. As his work documents the passage of others, it simultaneously assures the artist of his own journey.

The mutation from print, to portrait, to metal, oil or collage represents the myriad of influences Karim draws upon when composing his thoughts. Being the living testament of an eclectic path, it is impossible for him to ignore the possibilities that surround him.

Karim’s work needs to achieve a political identity and needs to express its provenance or dissidence, as life constantly reminds us of the inevitability of politics. The piece is never concluded; rather it symbolizes the continuation of a phase, from himself to the public, from his interpretation to the audience’s. Through its exposure the work obtains necessary nutrients, indispensable for further creation and maintaining the link.


Artist's Statement:

Life has an interesting way of editing scenarios, interests and people. It seems the selection goes from broad to specific or in some cases non-existent.  I observe as my interests change towards my own work, and suddenly what appeared as necessary is no longer vital and often becomes rather futile.

I would say if I had to choose a process to personify my work it would be
elimination. I am now at the apex of my synthesis, which will probably appear as a broad beginning a few years into my future, but today it feels specific, today it feels focused and pertinent.


My attempt is to extract relevance, in a society bombarding us with ignorance and surface, ready-made philosophy and remedies for all evil, I desire my own truth, I desire substance. This may not always be positive, enjoyable or joyous, but at least it is honest. My work is not pop, it seems as though over the years pop art went from dealing with popular culture to becoming idiotic, as there is no more intelligence in anything popular. Obsessions and compulsions of fame and notoriety are the preoccupations of such a culture, whereas, I dwell into the silence of form, function and relations.


Certainly not human relations, of which I cherish the few I truly believe in, but rather relations of material and color, relations of space, rhythm and movement; and one above all others, the relation between my eye, my brain and my soul.

Art becomes progressively more complex as we accumulate endless examples of quality efforts, how to separate one’s self from the rest is increasingly difficult; it seems now more than ever originality is key…yet, some may argue conformity is even better!


I choose neither, definitions are only meant to simplify and I prefer the
longer road to nowhere perhaps, still the road is what interest me passionately. The destination may disappoint, but the journey will unravel as many mysteries as I care to examine, thus proving itself utterly rewarding.

I offer no solutions, only reflective pauses, forced pondering and the sensual development of endless contradictions, life as art, or art as life. A view into flags, horizons, culture and custom, from a spying glass, non confrontational yet uncompromising; what is the matter with it all…why is it so?